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How do I know what type of phone I have?

On lots of your mobile IT pages, you refer to phones by category, rather than by make and model. How do I know which category my phone falls into?
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    Jonathan (Network Specialist) September 03, 2010 15:12
    The best way of finding out is to read the manufacturer's website.

    Obviously the Apple iPhone and iPod touch series come into a category on their own.

    All Blackberry devices run Blackberry software. There are subtle changes between the versions but they are largely the same.

    The other major rival is the Android software. Many mobile phone makers now include Android software on their phones. You could this list on Wikipedia to see if it lists your phone:

    Older smartphones may well run the Symbian software. Most Symbian-based phones run the S60 "flavour". This includes all Nokia smartphones and a handful of Samsung and Sony-Ericsson ones. You can read about S60 smartphones here:

    If your phone doesn't run any of the software mentioned so far, it's likely you have an older or manufacturer-specific version of software. Your best bet is to search for your phone on Google and look it up.

    Hope this helps!
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